Basic Design drawings:

Landscape design drawings in Athens, GA, and surrounding counties.

Landscaping design drawings

Following the initial meeting, the designer will take measurements and analyze hazards of the property to appropriately plan for the installation. After determining your property’s requirements, a non-scaled sketch is composed as an overview of the project. We want you to know and understand how we plan to improve your property. The cost of the estimate and drawing is added into the overall project price and varies depending on the complexity of the project.

Master plan and Scaled Drawing:

The master plan and scaled drawing is for large projects and/or entire property projects that are expected to extend a longer period of time. The master plan is to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible by mapping out phases of completion and an estimated time frame for each phase. We also offer multi-layer renderings to display irrigation, drainage and underground utilities, helping you determine where everything is on your property.

Custom Designed Landscaping Design Drawing With Patio, Water Feature, Shrubs, And Flowers Depicted

The base price for the master plan and scaled drawing starts at $600 for 12 hours.

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