landscaping services in athens ga

Before we start landscape maintenance on any new property in Athens, we review the property and assess all aspects of the property’s landscape, turf, trees, shrubs and annual plants.
This is done to locate troubled areas: diseased turf, irrigation and drainage issues, and areas that need improvement. We then, develop a comprehensive plan to meet the customer’s requirements, budget, and improve the property’s appearance.

Seasonal color

Seasonal color is the first thing people see when they see your property. It is bright, colorful and attracts the eye. We understand this and use it to create a favorable first impression. We install, monitor, and maintain seasonal color for our customers throughout all seasons.

mulch and pine-straw

enhance the attractiveness of landscapes by providing uniform coverage and setting a neutral background that allows plants to standout.  They also conserve moisture in the soil by reducing evaporation helping to conserve water. Pine-straw and mulch also act as a deterrent to weeds and grass growing in beds and to erosion.

Commercial Maintenance

The quality of our work, professionalism, quiet equipment, and great customer service is what makes Greenworks EcoScapes stand out when it comes to commercial property management. Our clients enjoy the ease we provide through our billing portal and streamlined invoicing. You work hard to run a top-notch company, let us reflect that on the outside with our quality commercial maintenance.

Core aeration

This is very beneficial for your lawn in many ways and is important for the overall health of the grass. It is recommended that aeration takes place two times per year.

weed control & hand weeding

are essential to keeping property appearance at its best; therefore we make this a priority. We excel at maintaining a weed free environment.

Turf Maintenance

We strive to create the most beautiful property possible to ensure gorgeous, lush and healthy grass. We offer turf programs to best complement each type of grass. This is a year-round system to maintain a perfect lawn.

pruning & sheering

to maintain shape and healthy growth patterns are done at least three times each year. Our employees are knowledgeable about the different plants in our area and will hand prune or shear according to the individual plant. We also limb trees to keep walking areas clear and prune ornamental trees to maintain proper shape.

string trimming & edging

give properties a crisp, clean, finished look. We edge concrete, sidewalks, and bed edges to keep grass from creeping into undesired areas.


Mowing is one of the most important practices for proper turf management. By not cutting more than 1/3 of the growing height, grass remains less stressed, healthier, and more attractive. Depending on property requirements we either bag clippings for aesthetic purposes or when possible mulching mowers will be used to recycle clippings to reduce the amount of fertilizer needed.

Members Of The GreenWorks EcoScape Team Sitting Around A Picnic Table At The Park

From concept to completion, our vision is to add value to your property. We do this by adding curb appeal and functionality of design to your home. Our professional staff and quality workmanship sets ups apart as the finest landscape and maintenance company in Athens, we are here to serve you.

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