About Greenworks EcoScapes

Quality Landscaping Service

We understand that we are a landscaping service provider and that all aspects of a successful landscaping company stem from the quality of the service we provide. This means we invest our time and effort into making our customers properties look their best.

Greenworks EcoScapes six person team sitting on a picnic table

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we strive to build lasting relationships with our customers. We meet with our customers regularly, in some cases weekly, to ensure we achieve this.


We achieve this by staffing the top employees in the industry, using the best techniques, and providing them with the best equipment and machinery possible.

The most important aspect of our jobs is creating gorgeous outdoor spaces for our exceptional clients, our goal is not to simply impress our clients with our skills, but their neighbors as well!


We are on a mission to innovate and influence the landscape industry by commercializing sustainable energy practices with a hyper-focus on service and education. We are motivated to create the best company culture and cultivate employees that perpetuate our company values for lifetimes to come.



We gauge our success with a more comprehensive lens that accounts for Client Satisfaction, Associate Engagement, Net Promoter Scores, Carbon Footprint in addition to financial milestones.

We work together to achieve our personal goals and support each other in achieving our collective vision of a globally admired company. Our teams exude excellence, creating exceptional experiences for everyone we serve.

Taking care of people is our passion. We bring our passion to the world through Green Energy Landscape Maintenance, Design, and Installation.


We understand profit is essential for our business, but we will not compromise our integrity for it.

We seek partnerships with like-minded clients who recognize the value of our expertise.

We believe teamwork is built on Collaboration, Communication, Trust, and Accountability.

We respect each other and our clients.

We give our best efforts to every client every day.

We are passionate about our work and our lives outside of work.

We are Associates and Teammates, not employees. We work together and each person plays an important role within the company for us to win as a whole.


We pledge to enhance every client experience and provide the best service quality. We adopt the newest technologies to improve every aspect of our business from client interaction to our equipment. We deliver what we promise. Period. We are committed to environmentally friendly systems, on-time service, up-front pricing, and clean, organized trucks with friendly, uniformed associates. We understand the value of communication and all Property owners/managers receive a notification when service is scheduled, the associate assigned to their property, and a summary of the service once completed. Every interaction with our clients is an opportunity to connect with them on a personal level, impress them with our professionalism, and keep our promises! We are honored to have earned their trust to maintain and protect their property. We leave every client an enthusiastic advocate of GreenWorks.



I started this company because of a desire to help and serve my community. It’s always been about that and always will be. Being able to improve people’s lives and their properties gives me so much fulfillment and is the foundation upon which this company is built. From humble and wholesome beginnings, GreenWorks EcoScapes continues to emanate these core values and we strive every day to take care of our clients, our team members, and our community. I look forward to working with you to make the world a healthier, more beautiful, and greener place.


J A M I E   P A T T O N
Founder, Greenworks Ecoscapes

Founder of GreenWorks EcoScapes James Patton standing outside

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